Bottle boxes for safe and secure delivery

Transporting glass bottles safely (and economically) has always been a priority for retailers and gift givers, and the rise in internet shopping and delivery is only adding to the challenge. boxfox’s range of wine boxes and bottle carriers is made from durable corrugated cardboard, easy to assemble, comfortable to carry and tough to break. Our simple but stylish finishes also highlight the contents within, making our options a complete product package – convenient to grab off a shelf, economical to ship if needed, impressive in presentation, and strong enough to protect the valuable contents within from messy, expensive breakage.

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A more exciting take on bottle boxes

There are so many reasons why a good drop makes for the ideal gift, whether it’s for family, friends, colleagues or clients.

Wine boxes are also a great option that allows the goods to be enjoyed immediately or stored indefinitely. There is no pressure on the recipient to use it straight away, and the drop can be enjoyed at another time. Perfect for year-round gestures, vino has become a popular go-to for presents ranging from simple thank-yous to making recognition of a certain special occasion.

We have options available to ship orders or mementos anywhere in Australia, including bottle boxes designed especially for your choice of drop. Beyond the grapevine, however, we also have options for hamper boxes, trays and other creations to fulfil your specific needs.