Hamper boxes available across Australia

Hamper packaging is an ideal way to add value, as it allows you to pack, display and distribute a variety of products for effect and convenience. Simply choose the right product mix, add presentation and branding flourishes if you need to, and customers, clients or family have an elegant gift, wrapped and ready to go.

boxfox supplies hamper packaging in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours, suitable for grabbing off a shelf, gift giving by hand, postage or bulk shipping. Our products are stylish as well as durable, and sturdy enough to handle just about anything you can think to put in them, from food to bottles to clothes and gifts.

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Hamper packaging supplies

When you are stumped for a gift idea, the classic hamper is the best way to make an impression and the good news is that they are very much on-trend in the modern world. After all, who wouldn't love to receive a variety of luxury items all packaged together and presented so they look elegant and gorgeous?

Hampers are a convenient option for any gift-giver and can be purchased put together already or can be assembled by hand in a short period of time, you can even order them online. It is easy to theme these up as well so you can provide a gesture that suits for the new arrival of a baby, an engagement, a work promotion or seasonal holidays like Easter, Christmas or Valentine's Day.

We stock a wide array of options to accommodate all kinds of hamper boxes across Melbourne and wider Australia, including Hamilton collapsible cases, rectangle hamper boxes and hamper trays to ensure you have the right essentials on hand.